Where to train in Hōzōinryū Takadaha Sōjutsu?

Training Hozoinryu Takadaha Sojutsu Hamburg

The best of course would be to train in Japan. There are three dōjōs, one in Nara, one in Higashiōsaka and one in Nagoya, where training is held regularly. Addresses, training hours and contact data can be found at the Japanese site of the Hōzōinryū.

Outside Japan the only place offering Hôzôinryû Takadaha Sôjutsu training in Europe on a regular base is located in Hamburg/Germany (recently a branch opened in Toronto/Canada as well):

Alster Dojo e.V.
Veilchenweg 34
22529 Hamburg
Tel. / Fax: +49 40 - 560 085 95

Training hours (at the moment):

saturday 10:00 - 12:00 am

The eastern training hall of the Alster Dojo e.V. with adjacent tearoom.
The western training hall of the Alster Dojo e.V.
The Azuchi.
External views of the Alster Dojo.

At the moment we are not receiving visitors due to the pandemic situation. If you are interested in starting training in the art you have to comply to to the rules that are effective in Hamburg/Germany.

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