Hōzōinryū Takadaha Sōjutsu

Overview, techniques, terminology

Founded in the middle of the 16th century by the Buddhist monk Hōzōin Kakuzenbō Hōin In’ei the Hōzōinryū is the oldest school specializing solely in the use of the spear that has survived until today.

The Hōzōinryū Takadaha (Takada branch of the Hōzōin school) was founded by Takada Matabee, a bushi (member of the warrior class), who had been a direct student of In’ei. Some 50 to 60 members of the art are still active worldwide practicing the art of fencing with the jūmonji kamayari (cross-shaped sickle-spear) at least once a week.

There are 35 forms in three levels that are still praticed today in Hōzōinryū Takadaha Sōjutsu.

These three levels are:

Below you find a list of terms used in Hōzōinryū Sōjutsu with explanations.

The 14 forms of the 1st level

The 14 forms of the 2nd level

The 7 forms of the 3rd level