The 35 forms of the Hōzōinryū

Hozoinryu Takadaha Sojutsu Training Technique Kata Omote Ura Shinshikake

There are 35 forms in three levels that are still praticed today in Hōzōinryū Takadaha Sōjutsu.

These three levels are:

The first two levels reach back to the founder of the school, Hōzōin Kakuzenbō Inei. The forms of the third level were added to the curriculum of the school by the founder of the Takadaha, Takada Matabê Yoshitsugu.

The names of the 14 forms of the omote level are identical with those of the ura level as they are two interpretations of the same theme respectively:

  1. Tōyō
  2. Ichijitsu
  3. Nenge
  4. Goka
  5. Hankamuri
  6. Jikka
  7. Makiyari
  8. Aikurai
  9. Hikiotoshi
  10. Kuda
  11. Tsukinuke
  12. Uroko
  13. Aizuyobi
  14. Tōme

The seven shinshikake forms are:

  1. Gyakusurikomi
  2. Nuketsuki
  3. Irechigai
  4. Utetsuki
  5. Egaeshi
  6. Hayauma
  7. Hichō

The omote forms usually are learned during the first year of practice and subject of the shokyū exam. In the second year the ura forms are trained on top of them and have to be mastered as well for passing the chūkyū exam. From the third year of practice on the shinshikake forms are practiced on top of the omote and ura forms and from the jōkyū exam on upwards the complete curriculum of the school has to be mastered.

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