13. Aizuyobi

Hozoinryu Takadaha Sojutsu Training Kata Ura Aizuyobi

In the thirteenth form of the ura set the kamayari cuts down a thrust to his maemen with kiriotoshi before thrusting to the suyari's maedō. He then parries a second thrust in kamuriuke before applying makiotoshi and thrusting to the suyari's maedō once more.

Both first lift their spears into a high jōdan* before opening them to their left side turning them 90 degrees lengthwise as they do so maintaining the height of their spear tips. The kamayari's sickles now are in a vertical position.

On the third step forward the suyari then thrusts towards the kamayari's maemen. The kamayari cuts this thrust down with kiriotoshi of his right sickle and then immediately thrusts towards the suyari's maedō with tsugiashi.

Directly after this thrust the kamayari withdraws his spear with okuriashi backwards.

The suyari now retreats two steps bringing his spear into yarigamae under the right sickle of the kamayari during the first step whilst the kamayari pursues two steps.

At the end of his second step backward the suyari then thrusts to the kamayari's uramen. The kamayari parries in kamuriuke then applies makiotoshi and thrusts towards the suyari's maedō once more with tsugiashi.

Then he withdraws his spear with okuriashi backwards again.

The suyari retreats a little with tsugiashi bringing his spear into yarigamae while doing so. At the end the kamayari's right sickle ist resting on the suyari again.

Finally both disengage and return to their starting positions.

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