5. Hankamuri

Hozoinryu Takadaha Sojutsu Training Kata Omote Hankamuri

In the fifth form of the omote set the kamayari successively blocks thrusts towards his maemen, momo and uramen.

Both begin in gedan.

On the third step the suyari thrusts towards the maemen of the kamayari who parries with hikiotoshi. Without any delay the suyari now thrusts to the rear thigh of the kamayari (momotsuki) who blocks this thrust in gedan by bringing up his right hand which brings the tip of his spear down. The sickles have to stand vertical now.

Now the suyari retreats two steps bringing his spear in yarigamae. The kamayari pursues two steps bringing his spear into yarigamae as well placing his right sickle over the suyari while he does so, maintaining the binding all the time.

At the End of the second step backwards the suyari thrusts to the uramen of the kamayari. The kamayari blocks in kamuriuke.

The suyari now retreats another two steps while the kamayari pursues two more steps while bringing his spear and the suyari back into yarigamae with makikaeshi, the right sickle resting on the suyari at the end of the movement.

Both then disengage and return to their starting positions.

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