14. Tōme

Training Hozoinryu Takadaha Sojutsu Kata Omote Tōme

In the fourteenth form of the omote set the suyari tries to press the kamayari to the ground. The kamayari evades but offers his uradō as a new target. When the suyari tries to place a thrust there the kamayari beats it down and thrusts to the suyari's uradō in return.

The suyari starts in gedan while the kamayari begins in jōdan.

Both advance three steps then stop still holding the spears in gedan and jōdan.

Now the suyari with a step of his right foot to his right front tries to push the kamayari to the ground with his spear. This fails because the kamayari evades backwards to his right with okuriashi describing a counter-clockwise arc with his spear.

The kamayari now makes another step backwards with his left foot passinng his right foot in front lifting his spear into a vertical position1 to offer the suyari his uradō as a new target.

Seeing this pretended weakness the suyari now thrusts to the kamayari's uradō but the kamayari makes another step backwards bringing his spear down on the suyari battering it to the ground (uchiotoshi) before thrusting to the suyari's uradō with ayumiashi forward.

Then the kamayari withdraws his spear with okuriashi backwards before returning onto the center line the tip of his spear pointing at the suyari all the time. The suyari retreats al little with tsugiashi while bringing his spear in yarigamae unter the omote-sickle of the kamayari.

Both now disengage and return to their starting positions.

1. The right hand is about navel level at this moment.

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