3. Irechigai

Hozoinryu Takadaha Sojutsu Training Kata Shinshikake Irechigai

After a thrust to the kamayari's maemen foiled with hikiotoshi, both spears try in vain to swipe each other away a few times. Finally, when the suyari wants to go to yarigamae, the kamayari takes the suyari out of balance with some slight up and down strikes before he knocks down the opponent's spear and thrusts to the suyari's maedō

The suyari starts in gedan, the kamayari in jōdan.

On the third step the suyari thrusts to the maemen of the kamayari. The kamayari counters with hikiotoshi and returns into jōdan immediately.

With a step backwards the suyari tries to swipe the kamayari away but with a step forward the kamayari takes his right hand over his head, so that his spear is pointing downwards and the blow of the suyari (which is now in Jōdan) goes nowhere.

The spears should now lie parallel to each other and on the the center line.

Now with a step forwards the kamayari tries the same as the suyari just did and the suyari evades in the same way but wit a step backwards.

This unsuccessful exchange of blows is repeated two times.

then, when the suyari tries to enter yarigamae, the kamayari strikes the suyari gently upwards, then downwards two times before he hits him hard to the ground after the third upstroke and then thrusts to the maedō of the Suyari with tsugiashi forwards.

With Okuriashi backwards the kamayari then withdraws his spear.

The suyari now retreats with tsugiashi, bringing his spear into the horizontal until both spears are bound in yarigamae where the right sickle of the kamayari lies above the suyari.

Then both disengage and return to their starting positions.

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