4. Utetsuki

Hozoinryu Takadaha Sojutsu Training Kata Shinshikake Utetsuki

The suyari tries to push a one- and right-handed thrust (or surikomi) of the kamayari to the right but the kamayari catches the suyari in kamuriuke to finally parry a thrust of the suyari to his uramen also in kamuriuke.

Both begin in Gedan, walk three steps towards each other and pause for a moment.

Then both raise their spears in yarigamae, with the kamayari's omote-sickle above the suyari.

Now first the kamayari presses and goes three steps forward, while the suyari retreats three steps. Then the Suyari takes the initiative and in turn takes three steps forward while the kamayari retreats three steps this time.

Now the kamayari releases his left hand from the spear and places it on his left hip while pushing his spear forward with his right hand only and making a step forwards with the right foot.

In order to avoid the sickle that is threatening hie left hand the suyari leans his upper body slightly backwards, which lets his spearhead rise, before he pushes the kamayari to the right as seen from his side with his spear shaft.

The kamayari stops this push in kamuriuke while bringing his left foot forward again the left foot again (and of course his left hand back to the spear).

The suyari now describes a counterclockwise circle with his spear that is closely followed by the kamayari. From gedan then the suyari thrusts to the kamayari's uramen. The Kamayari parries this thrust in Kamuriuke.

Then the kamayari brings the suyari into yarigamae with makikaeshi (the omote-sickle lies above the suyari) whilst the suyari retreats with tsugiashi.

From this position both disengage and return to their starting positions.

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