5. Egaeshi

Hozoinryu Takadaha Sojutsu Training Kata Shinshikake Egaeshi

From daijōdan the kamayari knocks a thrust to his maemen to the ground. After both spears have gone to jōdan then, the suyari tries to push the kamayari away. The kamayari however uses this momentum to change his stance and thrusts to the throat of the suyari with the ishizuki of his spear.

The suyari starts in gedan, the kamayari in daijōdan.

On the third step the suyari thrusts to the maemen of the kamayari. The kamayari beats the suyari to the ground from daijōdan with kiriotoshi and remains in yarigamae.

Now the suyari as well as the kamayari slowly lifts his spear into jōdan. The spears are bound, but the suyari has no contact with the right sickle of the kamayari.

Now the suyari tries to push the kamayari down to the right. The kamayari stops this push in some kind of kamuriuke. At the same time he slides his right foot to his left and his right hand a little down on the shaft of his spear.

The suyari now continues pushing in a clockwise arc until both spearheads stop in gedan on the omote side of the kamayari whilst the kamayari steps forward with his left foot and moves his left hand downwards on his spear shaft.

The suyari now again puts pressure on the kamayari to throw the kamayari upwards.

But this time the kamayari does not stop but uses the pressure of the suyari to get out of the binding. The suyari (caused by the sudden disappearance of the counterpressure) shoots upwards whilst the kamayari is stepping forward with his right foot, puts his left knee on the ground and thrusts to the throat of the suyari with the ishizuki of hi spear.

Then the kamayari pulls the spear back through his right so that the right hand is gripping the end of the spear again, stands up while changing the the position of his feet back to left foot in front and hooks the right sickle of his spear directly in front of the left hand of the suyari.

From this position, both parties disengage and return to their starting positions.

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