6. Hayauma

Hozoinryu Takadaha Sojutsu Training Kata Shinshikake Hayauma

After the suyari has been knocked to the ground by the kamayari with hikiotoshi it alternately threatens the kamayari's maedō, uradō, maedō and uradō again but is prevented from stabbing because the kamayarivon hits the shaft of the suyari each time. Now the suyari tries to thrust to the uradō of the kamayari three times. The kamayari answers three times with uchibari. After the third uchibari the kamayari nocks the suyari to the ground thrusts to his maedō.

Both begin in Gedan.

On the third step the Syuyari thrusts to the maemen of the Kamayari. The kamayari knocks the suyari to the ground with hikiotoshi.

The suyari brings his spear into yarigamae and, advancing with ayumiashi, alternately threatens to thrust maedō, uradō, maedō and uradō again. The kamayari thwarts these attempts by lightly hitting the shaft of the suyari with his spear from above, retreating with Ayumiashi.

Now the suyari tries to thrust over the kamayari to the kamayari's uradō but is immediately knocked down by the kamayari with uchibari (but not to the ground). The suyari takes a step backwards with okuriashi, the kamayari takes a step forwards with okuriashi. This action is repeated two more times. The final Uchibari is executed so strongly that the suyari goes down, whereupon the kamayari thrusts to the maedō of the suyari with tsugiashi forwards.

The kamayari then withdraws his spear with okuriashi backwards. The suyari retreats a little with tsugiashi, bringing his spear under the right sickle of the kamayari in yarigamae.

From this position, both parties disengage and return to their starting positions.

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