1. Tōyō

Hozoinryu Takadaha Sojutsu Training Kata Ura Toyo

In the first form of the ura set the suyari thrust to the kamayari's uramen, right thigh and maemen. The kamayari parries answers with kamuriuke with makiotoshi, a block in gedan and surikomi.

Suyari and kamayari begin in gedan.

On the third step forward the suyari thrusts towards the uramen of the kamayari. The kamayari parries in kamuriuke then batters the suyari to the ground with makiotoshi. Without any delay the suyari now thrusts towards the rear thigh of the kamayari who blocks this thrust in gedan.

Now the suyari retreats two steps bringing his spear into yarigamae on the first one. The kamayari pursues two steps staying in binding while bringing the omote-sickle of his spear over the suyari on the first step. At the end of the second step the suyari thrusts to the maemen of the kamayari underneath the sickle. Stepping forward into this thrust with okuriashi lets his omote-sickle slide along the shaft of the suyari to the front hand of its bearer.

Now first the suyari then the kamayari move the right hand a litte forward then draw back the spear into yarigamae while stepping backward with okuriashi.

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