Japanese spear-fencing in Germany/Europe

Already in August of 2020 Ichiya Junzō, the 21st Sōke of the Hōzōinryū, had changed the title of the headmaster of the school to Ryūha Daihyō (representative of the school). On September 26th 2020 he transferred the office to his successor Komakita Manabu. The Hamburg dojo thanks Ichiya Sensei for everything he did for the school and the new representative for taking over and taking on the responsibility of leading the school into the future.

12 essays on spear/Hōzōinryū written by Kagita Chūbee (1957 - 2011), 20th sōke (headmaster) of the Hōzōinryū.

First published in the Nara town magazine Ubusuna, 2009.

The Hōzōinryû as it is still practiced today stands in the tradition of the secular line of the Hōzōinryû Takadaha which is named after its founder Takada Matabee Yoshitsugu. As Hōzōin Kakuzenbō Inei was the founder of the Hōzōinryū he is of course listed as the first generation of the secular line as well.