3. Nenge

Hozoinryu Takadaha Sojutsu Training Kata Omote Nenge

In the third form of the omote set the kamayari pursues without stopping in kamuriuke after parrying a thrust to his uramen.

Both spears begin in gedan.

On the third step the suyari thrusts towards the uramen of the kamayari who parries in kamuriuke without stopping but pursues two more steps keeping the timing the first three steps had while the suyari retreats two steps. During this the kamayari brings both spears into a horizontal position by desribing a clockwise circle with his spear (makikaeshi) so that in the end his right sickle rests on the shaft of the suyari.

Now suyari and kamayari disengage and return to their starting positions.

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