11. Tsukinuke

Training Hozoinryu Takadaha Sojutsu Kata Omote Tsukinuke

In the eleventh form of the omote set the kamayari evades the suyari which is trying to blow the kamayari to the side before thrusting to the suyari's uradō.

Both start in gedan.

On the third step the kamayari thrusts to the suyari's maemen. Frightend by this attack the suyari moves his upper body backward and then tries to beat the kamayari away (partly to regain his balance) describing a large clockwise arc with the tip of his spear while moving his left foot to the right side.

The blow of the suyari misses its target and hits the ground because the kamayari evades it describing a counter-clockwise arc with his spear while making a step to the right with his right foot before thrusting to the suyari's uradō with okuriashi.

Then the kamayari withdraws his spear with okuriashi backwards.

Now both realine on the center line bringing their spears in binding with the right sickle lying on top of the suyari. During this action the suyari rereats a little with tsugiashi.

Finally both disengage and return to their starting positions.

As this is a form the blow of the suyari is exaggeratedly big, passing over the tip of the kamayari.
The eyes of the suyari are fixed on the kamayari all the time.
When avoiding the suyari's blow the tip of the kamayari drops below horizontal.

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