12. Uroko

Hozoinryu Takadaha Sojutsu Training Kata Omote Uroko

In the twelfth form of the omote set the kamayari first knocks the suyari upwards a little before knocking it down immediately.

Both spears begin in gedan.

On the third step forward the suyari thrusts towards the maemen of the kamayari who answers hikiotoshi not beating down the suyari.

Immediately the suyari now thrusts to the kamayari's uradō while making a backward step with ayumiashi. The kamayari makes one step forward also with ayumiashi beating the suyari lightly upwards with the shaft of his spear (which he had opend to his left side turning it 180 degrees lengthwise) before knocking it down with his right sickle with another step forward whilst the suyari makes another step backward.

Without any delay the kamayari now pursues two more steps in yarigamae while the suyari retreats two steps bringing his spear in yarigamae underneath the kamayari's right sickle.

Both then disengage and return onto their starting positions.

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